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First day at work

Survived the first day with the typical computer hassles and initial meetings. Well, I’m still not exactly sure what I will be doing here, but I have a slightly better idea now. At least I found out that I’m this multi-talented, versatile computer whiz who can solve any programming problem and has the answer to any technical question. Also, my skills with statistical analysis are outstanding. Well, I never got the memo about that 🙂 But I can very well try my best.

Now that I think of it, it’s encouraging. If people expect a lot from you, it means they believe in your abilities. Or at least they say so, which is really the same thing, since no one can read minds.

The team spirit seems to be great, although they don’t have coffee breaks the way we do. However, everyone gathers for lunch together in the lab. They said that they used to eat lunch at their desks. But what do you know? Then they heard the alarming results of some studies saying that such behavior leads to weight gain. It’s real nice that at least some people follow the practice-what-you-preach principle 🙂 They also pack healthy lunches: salads, carrots, grapes, and so on. My cafeteria-bought tofu scramble was all right, but very lacking in fruits and vegetables in comparison to others’ dishes.

Feels like a healthy place for body, mind and spirit. And based on the lab meeting, it seems that they are really making an impact on population-level. Of course, they are working very hard to achieve that, and changes don’t happen instantly. But makes me want to contribute and bring some of the stuff back home as well.


Comments on: "First day at work" (1)

  1. Hey Cherry!

    Kiva kuulla, että olet päässyt turvallisesti perille ja so far so good :). Vaikuttaa mukavalta, turvalliselta ja raikkaalta paikalta kertomasi mukaan. Paikallinen sääkin toivotti sinut kotoisasti tervetulleeksi, eikä näemmä aikaillut yhtään kun noin rivakasti sateisuus muuttui kunnon pakkasiin.

    Tsemiä, ja mielenkiinnolla odotan henkeäsalpaavia luontokuvia ja työpaikkajännäreitä! 😉

    T: Anita

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