Stories of research, nutrition, and nature


Ithaca, New York. Named after the home island of Odysseus. Now my home for the next eleven months. I’ll be a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab, hopefully doing something worthwhile that will help people eat healthier, be satisfied with what they do and find some balance in their lives. The focus will be on eating behavior, but I’d love to approach it from mental and emotional viewpoints. And think of cost-effective ways to use technology to nudge and aid people to choose the healthier option.

I intend to blog about my activities and thoughts regularly. Presumably it’s not going to be just work, work, work all the time, since they say that “Ithaca is gorges”. During the ice age, glaciers carved numerous valleys and creeks in the Finger Lakes area, resulting in beautiful streams and waterfalls for us to admire in the present day. So, that means lots of time wandering outdoors and lots of pretty pictures!

Less than 24 hours to departure. I’m surely gonna miss Finland and all wonderful people here, but I hope the experience will be worth some homesickness.


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